Many times we want to get God’s leading and direction for our lives. We hope that God will appear in a giant cloud or send an angel to tell us the next thing we are to do. Often, we expect that thing to be a big leap into the future. And while God can at times lead us this way, many times God leads us through smaller things.

That is what this verse is talking about. This verse tells us that our steps are directed by God. God is directing the small things in life. He shows us one small thing to do, then another, followed by another. All those steps together add up to something really great God has for us to do.

Most of the people who did great things for God did it in small steps and stages. In the Bible David killed the lion and the bear before defeating the giant. This shows us that it is often the small choices and the small steps we make each day that end up making a big difference in the course of our lives. So today remember to act on the small things that God is putting on your heart to do. Those small things often end up setting you up for big things later in life.