Parent Information

Dear Parents,

We are honored to have your child attend this year’s Kidz Muzik Kamp, June 3 – 7. We have been working hard all year to make your child’s camp experience the best it can be. Please take time to read through all the information in this letter.


Vocal solo auditions for campers who chose the vocal elective will take place on Monday morning during the elective session. All who audition will be given something to do in the Koncert. If your child chose the vocal elective, word charts, songs and tracks will be sent to you through e-mail 1 week prior to KMK for rehearsal purposes. Please have your child begin learning the songs as outlined in preparation for their vocal solo auditions. 


Electronic devices (video games, mp3 players, cell phones, cameras*, etc.) are not allowed.  Our schedule is very busy and keeps campers engaged throughout the day.  KMK is not responsible for items brought to camp that are lost or stolen.  In the event that your child needs to contact you, a KMK staff person will contact you at the phone number(s) provided on your child’s registration form from the church phone.

 *Please note children participating in the KMK Photography elective are expected to bring their own camera with blank SD Card.


You may receive additional information from us before and during the week of KMK.  If you misplace any information, don’t worry, all correspondence, including this informational letter, will be available on the “Parent Information” page of our website,


Please have your child wear comfortable play clothes for paint and play activities.  If girls choose to wear a dress, we ask that she wear a pair of shorts underneath for modesty. Tennis shoes are recommended because we have activities at the pavilion each day. Flip flops, sandals, crocs, and dress shoes make it difficult for campers to run and are often taken off, leaving the camper barefooted which isn’t the safest option.

KMK’19 Koncert

FRIDAY evening, June 7th, camp participants will be performing in our “Muzik Kamp Koncert”, at 7:00 p.m. In preparation for this event, we are asking that each child be at the church by 6:00 p.m. on Friday evening for line up and final details.

Each student will be asked to wear:

1 Muzik Kamp T-shirt (T-shirts will be kept at the church until the Koncert)

2 Medium to Dark Blue Jeans (no holes or patterns please)

3 Tennis shoes

You will want to invite friends and family members to attend, as participants will be showcasing their newly learned skills at this time. Don’t forget to bring your cameras as well!

KMK T-Shirts

Campers will receive their t-shirt when they arrive for Koncert prep at 6 PM on Friday, June 7th.  T-shirts are to be worn during the Koncert unless given a specific costume or other instructions.  We will make every effort to provide t-shirts to late registrants, however, please note that we can not guarantee availability of the shirt in the proper size.


Lunch and snacks are provided daily.  Recognizing that many children have food allergies, we will post the menus for the week of KMK on our website so that parents/guardians can make informed choices.  If there is a food item that your child can not have, please provide an alternate lunch or snack for that day.


Registration and check-in will begin Monday morning, June 3rd, at 8:00 AM.  At this time, all outstanding paperwork (medical/media release form) and registration fees must be paid or your child will not be allowed to participate. *Child supervision cannot be provided until 8:00 AM. Please do not drop off your children before then. 

Please note: because we have limited space available, registration is not complete until the KMK fee has been paid. The registration fee goes up to $75 after Monday, May 27 for all outstanding balances.

For your convenience, you can fill out and submit your child’s Medical/Media Release Form online at or print and fill out the attached form using the link provided and bring it with you to check-in on Monday, June 3rd, at 8:00 AM.


Please carefully review the attached “Camper Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures”. 

You will receive two pre-printed “Pick-up Placards” on Monday morning at check in. For the safety of your child, please be sure anyone you authorize to pick up your child has one of these placards. In the event the driver does not have a placard, he/she may be asked to pull forward and show proper I.D. Please note, specific persons NOT authorized to pick up your child should be so noted on your child’s registration form.

  Theme Days

Each day will have a theme where the children can dress up. We would like to keep these a surprise (except for Monday of course) for the children, however, we thought letting you know before hand will give time to think and prepare. The theme days are as follows:

Monday: “Music Monday” – Jazz up your digs with music notes, instruments, or styles!

Tuesday: “Top Hat Tuesday” – Top it off right with your triumphant headgear!

Wednesday: “Color Wars” – Got team pride? Don’t take it in stride! It’s all about the color!

Thursday: “Throwback Thursday” – We’re kickin’ it old school. Join the fun as we throw back to the 80’s!

Friday: “Sports Day” – Dress in your favorite sports gear or sports team!

We consider it a privilege to have your child participate in KMK’19.  Our desire is for them to gain knowledge and understanding that can be used throughout their life, and we believe that it will be a truly positive and beneficial experience for each of them.


KMK’19 Leadership Team


Please utilize the online Kidz Muzik Kamp 2019 Medical and Media Release Form or print and fill one out using the link sent to you in the parent information text/e-mail and return completed before the beginning of camp.

Online Kidz Muzik Kamp 2019 Medical and Media Release Form


MONDAY: Spaghetti, Corn, Garlic Bread, Ice Cream

TUESDAY: Chicken Legs, Tater Tots, Green Beans, Jell-O

WEDNESDAY: Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Chips, Cupcakes

THURSDAY: Hamburger, Tater Tots, Peaches, Cookie

FRIDAY: Pizza, Salad, Brownies



MONDAY: My Father’s World…”For Shur!” – rice krispies, marshmallows, soft chewy candies

TUESDAY: “Totally Tubular” Tabernacle – graham crackers, frosting, marshmallows, fruit roll-up

WEDNESDAY: “FAB” Fruit & Cheese Cross Kabobs – pretzel sticks, cheese, fruit, marshmallows

THURSDAY: “Bad-to-the-Bone” Shield of Faith – brownies, frosting, skittles or M&Ms

FRIDAY: Solid Rock Cookies – sugar cookies, frosting, sprinkles

At KMK, your child’s safety and security is of utmost importance. We have established drop-off and pick-up procedures designed with safety in mind.        Parents of registered campers will receive 2 pre-printed Pick-up Placards with the camper’s name and camp on the first day of camp at check in.
Specific persons NOT authorized to pick up your child should be so noted on the registration form.

First Day of Camp
Beginning at 8:00 AM, all campers are to be walked into the lobby of the Family Life Center by an adult or guardian. Please park in a parking space at this time.
All forms must be completed or campers will not be allowed to attend camp that day.

Drop-off Tuesday – Friday
Child supervision cannot be provided until 8:00 a.m. Please do not drop off your child before then.
Please drop off your child to the awaiting KMK staff member from your vehicle under the walkway between the 2 buildings and remain in your vehicle.

Daily Pick-up
In order to accommodate the large number of children and parents during dismissal time, we will be using the following procedure, which is similar in nature to procedures used at the schools:

Daily pick up time begins at 3:30.
Please place the card provided with your child’s name on the dashboard window on the driver’s side.
Using the south entrance, slowly drive to the Family Life Center walkway.
Your child will be called to the door and placed in your vehicle on the passenger side only.
Because of daily “closing activities”, we would ask that no early pick up happen after 3:10 pm unless prior arrangement is made or an emergency arises.
PLEASE NOTE: For your child’s safety, they will not be released unless the KMK’19 Dismissal Card is properly presented at pick up time. If the pick-up person does not have the dismissal card, a PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED before we will release the child to this person.
Specific persons NOT authorized to pick up your child should be noted on the registration form.
Non-KMK staff will not be allowed to enter the FLC during dismissal time.

What does my child need to bring/wear to KMK?​

Please have your child wear comfortable play clothes and tennis shoes (no flip flops or sandals please) for paint and play activities. It is strongly recommended that all campers wear appropriate shorts or pants to kamp. If girls choose to wear a dress, we ask that she wear a pair of shorts underneath for modesty. Flip flops, sandals, crocs, and dress shoes make it difficult for campers to run and play and are often taken off. This leaves the camper barefooted, which isn’t the best or safest option.


Why do I need to complete a medical release for each child?

Each camper needs his/her own medical release in the event that he/she needs medical attention beyond the basic first aid provided by our KMK staff. This document gives permission for a medical professional to administer treatment should it become necessary. That medical professional, medical facility or medical provider will require individual documentation for consent.


Can my child bring any electronics to KMK?

There is no reason for any camper to have items such as video games, mp3 players, cell phones, cameras, etc. at KMK. The campers are very busy and do not have time to use such items. There is always a risk that the item could be broken, lost, or stolen and we cannot be responsible for them. These items should be left at home or in the car upon arrival. In the event that your child needs to contact you, we will access the phone number(s) provided on the registration form and will allow your child to call from the church phone or a KMK staff member will contact you from the church phone.


How early can I drop my child off in the morning?

The KMK day does not officially begin until 8:30 a.m. We do open the doors each day beginning at 8:00 a.m. Child supervision cannot be provided until 8:00 a.m. Please do not drop off your children before then.


Why do I need a card to pick up my child?

The safety of each camper is a priority at KMK. To that end, the KMK staff wants to ensure that your child goes home with the correct person each day. We provide the card to expedite afternoon pick-up. The card can, and should, be given to anyone picking a camper up (i.e. other parent, friend, and grandparent) so that our staff knows it is safe for your child to leave with that person. This also lets us know this person is parent approved.


Why do I have to show photo ID if I do not have a pick-up card?

As a staff, we want to be sure your child is going home the way that you, as his/her parent or guardian, intended. Without a card, we will request a photo ID to be sure the person picking your child up is authorized to do so.


What should I do if my child has dietary restrictions? (This includes ANY food allergies)

The safest and most effective plan is to send in an individual lunch and snack that meets your child’s need. Prior to the start of KMK week you will be able to access the food menu via the KMK website. This will give you the opportunity to send in a comparable food/snack substitution, if you choose. Our staff will properly store the food (if necessary) and ensure your child receives it during lunch and snack time. Candy is sometimes used as a reward. If your child can’t, or shouldn’t, eat candy, you are more than welcome to send an alternative for our staff to use. Suggestions would be: sugar-free alternative or stickers. These items should NOT be toys.


What is the purpose of the “teams”?

Each camper is placed into a team of 12-18 other campers in their age group. Each team has at least three (3) staffers who will interact with their team throughout the week. The main purpose of the teams is to assure campers move safely and securely from one location and/or activity to another. It also assures that your child has the opportunity to make a connection with a Leader who will get to know them as an individual. For the vast majority of the time, your child will be involved in activities with the larger group.


Can I request my child be on a specific team or placed with a particular camper?

The teams are not competitive in nature. Because our Leadership Team gives much time and effort to see that each team is a good blend of ages, sexes, personality types (when known), etc. we cannot make any assurances your child can be placed with another camper. Rest assured, if your camper is in the same age your camper will have ample opportunity to be together with friends/family members all during the week.


What is your cancellation policy?

 100% of your registration fee is refundable through May 15th. From May 16th through May 26th, 50% per camper is refundable. No refunds after the first day of KMK. Refunds must be requested by emailing