KidVenture is a ministry where we are working in tandem with parents to help kids build relationships with God, their family, and friends

What We Believe

•God loves kids and wants to have a relationship with them!

•Kids are not the future of the Church, they are the Church of today

•The most important person to teach kids God’s love is their parent or guardian, KidVenture is here to support parents in that plan

•Kids are a gift from God and must be treated with love and respect

•KidVenture is here to be church for kids at their level

•KidVenture should be fun, creative, organized, safe and will meet the needs of our kids, their families, and our community

•KidVenture is successful when kids see parents, leaders and volunteers loving God and loving others


Connect kids with God, parents, and their world


Serve in the church, leading worship, leading in service, and through BGMC giving


Grow in the word through Royal Rangers, Girls Ministry and kid focused Community Groups

Wednesday Night Boys Ministry | 7PM

Sunday Kids Ministry |10:30 AM

Wednesday Night Girls Ministry | 7PM